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We are your one stop shop in the Middlewick region for all to do with shade sails! We will come to you and help with design, take measurements and give you a quotation on the spot. We will be there to complete all aspects of the installation. Our job is only finished when you are happy.

In architecture there is always a play with light and shadow! Especially where light is abundant, creating the right shadow becomes essential!

We introduce to you the perfect product for your projects in your garden, for your cafe, school or recreational area!

architectural shade sail


The World's best shade sails have finally come to Middlewick

A highly customizable design for your shading system for your restaurant, bar, terrace, or garden!

We can create any order that fits your requirement!

Easy to order, your order comes within 7 days, with 15-year warranty!

multi shade sails

Let's get more deep: What are Shade Sails?

Shade Sails are an alternative to traditional and conventional commercially available parasols.

A product that ignites creativity and provides a personal approach to design!

The shade sails can be customized according your needs and you can choose between a multitude of shade cloth and colours. Shade Sails provide shade in home gardens, terraces, outdoor cafes, restaurants hotels and playgrounds etc.etc.

A new generation of shade sails, which provide up to 97% protection against harmful UV radiation, stylish and eye-catching these products offer a pleasant cooling shade and are extremely durable.

shade sail over restaurant area

Sail Shade World (SSW) products are finally here, represented by Middlewick Shade Sails

A premium Quality that comes with a Premium Service, that guaranties delivery within 7-days and a 15-years warranty from the largest maker of custom-made shade sail products in the world, SSW.

Based in South Australia, currently the hottest continent in the world SSW is a company that:

Has a pedigree producing Shade Sails that goes back 60 years!
Has a top worldwide reputation along with a customer base in over 50 countries.
Many thousands of customers. Clients that include governments, and projects that range from major hotel chains, seafront restaurants, backyards, gardens and luxury villas.

SSW only uses shadea cloth from Gale Pacific, the leader in the supply of high-performance fabrics. Gale Pacific invented knitted shade cloth and today are one of the largest producers of technical fabrics worldwide. Their Flame Retardant fabrics meets the most stringent Fire Standards worldwide. The UV protection is so good they are endorsed by The Cancer Council, Australia's foremost organisation for cancer prevention and support.

Shade sails offers a great variety based on functionality and design.

overlapping shade sails
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Commercial Ninety-Five 340 or Commercial Ninety-Five 340 FR

This fabric delivers the utmost in versatility across a wide range of applications.

Provides the optimal combination of sun protection, strength and durability to ensure low maintenance and long-life performance. The most expansive colour assortment in the HDPE shade fabric market. Offering 20 rich, vibrant and on-trend colours to fulfil a wide range of design requirements. A mid-weight fabric (340 gsm) suitable for applications spanning a wide array of sizes and designs, making Commercial Ninety-Five 340 one of the most versatile HDPE shade fabrics in the industry.

Main uses: Bars and Restaurants, Hotels, Outdoor gardening, Kids playground.

avenue of shade sails
Photo© Sail Shade World

Commercial DualShade 350 or Commercial DualShade 350FR

This fabric is truly unique in both its aesthetic and performance. Two different color yarns are combined to create a single fabric that produces a truly transformative effect.

The beautiful palette of color combinations will enhance the design of any outdoor space.

Brilliant Collection: A four colors combinations fabric within this collection creates rich and bright combinations that definitely you will notice! Just like a precious gemstone this fabric glimmers as soon as the sun's rays lay upon.

These fabrics glimmer in the sun's rays like a precious gemstone. Illuminate any outdoor space with a fabric from this collection.

Terrafirma Collection: A four combination fabric inspired by the lush rainforest and vast desert landscapes fuses perfectly with the beauty and calmness of nature.

Experience the beauty of the land at its finest when choosing a fabric from this collection for your designs.

Destination Collection: Elegant and clean hues combine to form fabrics that are reminiscent of some of the world's most desired destinations. Inspired by the most alluring locations around the world: Capri, Santorini and Maldives. The fabric colors in three combinations in this collection will transform any outdoor space into a beautiful oasis.

shade sail over swimming pool

Commercial Heavy 430 or Commercial Heavy 430 FR Architectural Shade Fabric are specifically engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions on large scale tension structures.

Made from 100% round monofilament HDPE yarn and with a patented intertwining knit pattern, Commercial Heavy 430 features superior biaxial and load bearing performance for optimum shade and tensioning endurance.

Heavy 430 offers are available in 16 popular colors, making it easier than ever to complement existing design elements and color schemes.

Main uses: Outdoor Areas, Car Park Structures, Sports Complexes

shade sail over swimming pool

9 Reasons to choose Middlewick Shade Sails :

  1. Creative Highly customizable product, that give a lot of creativity to designers and also provides the flexibility to adapt to any shape an location.
  2. Manufacturer The best production quality, the largest manufacturer in the world, the most recognized brand in the world is Sail Shade World.
  3. Protection Shade Sails provide up to 97% protection against harmful UV radiation. Helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer. Protects you and your family, the garden furniture, cars, playground equipment, etc. from the harmful effects of the sun. Extremely resistant to weather conditions - wind and extreme temperatures.
  4. Material Shade Sails are made of high quality and durable polyethylene fabric. It is a breathable material. The material is not waterproof, but protects against light and moderate rain. A SSW branded seat belt strap (38 mm) is used on the perimeter of the Sail, which is sewn twice at the corners. The corners of the Sails are equipped with stainless steel eyelets, which ensures a long service life.
  5. Flame Retardant architectural shade fabric Durability and Flame Retardant compliance are combined to create a premium fabric that provides maximum stability. It is also endorsed by Cancer Council, Australia's foremost not-for-profit organisation for cancer prevention and support.
  6. Fastest delivery Upon your order, the product is ready and delivered within 7 days to your place
  7. Easy to choose To help your decision making and final choice we have pages on custom designs, how to measure and Installation manual.
  8. Maintenance Proper care and use will not create mold, stretch, tear. Easy cleaning with water and a soft brush.
  9. Warranty We provide a 15-year warranty against damage caused by UV radiation.

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